• Complete Hamam Beauty

      The 150 minute session starts with either a sauna or steam. Then we exfoliate to remove dry and dead skin during our signature Hamam Bath and Peeling. The Aromatherapy Oil Massage follows and ends your Complete Hamam Beauty session with a relaxing facial massage.

      • 150 mins $65.00
      • Hamam Complete Treatment
      • A choice of facial
  • Complete Herbal treatment

      A 130 minute experience dedicated to total relaxation and stress relief. This treatment includes the Herbal Hot Compress Massage, Herbal Scrub and Herbal Bath. 

      • 130 mins: $50.00
      • Herbal Hot Compress
      • Herbal Scrub
      • Herbal Bath
  • Hamam Couple Treatment

      An incredible two and a half hour experience designed to soothe your body next to your loved one after long hours of visiting the wonders of Phnom Penh. Special care is given to the needs of your body and skin cells with this package.

      • 150mins: $82.00
      • Aromatherapy Oil Massage
      • A choice of facial
  • Hamam Standard

      The Hamam Standard experience begins with the Hamam Bath and Peeling and is completed with a relieving Mud Body Wrap & Detox.

      • 120mins: $50.00
      • Hamam Bath and Peeling
      • Milk Scrub
      • Aromatherapy Salt Bath
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